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© 2019 by Energe.

To transform idle curiosity into a life-long passion in the emerging artificially intelligent world





We’ve all heard of AI, blockchain, VR and been told again and again how these technologies will transform every industry, like healthcare. (I know it sounds like we are about to drop buzzwords but stay with us!) If you’re like us, you’ve probably felt a little intimidated by this sci-fi-like technology and don’t know how or where to get involved. You’re curious but aren’t sure if this is something you’re into or something you could ever do. 


We were in exactly the same place. We didn’t know what role emerging tech was playing in the fields we felt passionate about, whether it was about the role AI could play in improving mental health (Aashna), or how AI could make sustainable and eco-friendly living easier (Sangeetha) or how AI could enhance creativity in music development (Raunaq). Researchers and startups everywhere were working on life-altering technologies in these fields but it felt too out of reach for us to keep up with them, let alone connect or collaborate with them. 


We also felt unsure about whether the tech industry was a place where we could fit in. Most of us don’t fit into the typical programmer stereotype, and while being told about jobs we would be great for, we had trouble visualising ourselves in them.

We are creating Energe, a space for you to casually nerd out: discover and engage with what startups, researchers and students from different departments at your uni and others are working on. We are making these relatable faces, who are driving these groundbreaking innovations, more visible and accessible. We are making it as easy as scrolling through your insta feed, except now you can discover something or someone who ignites a passion or inspires a new venture. 


Our goal is to make discovery effortless and inspire collaboration because what is ability without purpose and passion.  We hope Energe helps you feel more confident and part of a community, and on the way if a slight curiosity buds into a passion and means you’re redefining what the next Zuckerberg looks like, then we’re glad to have helped.





While we are creating our app, we are building up this community one industry at a time, starting with healthcare. Explore the role that AI is currently and will continue to play in transforming it with us. We will be blogging about the research, projects and startups in Health Tech that students and researchers around you are working on.


Sign up to stay up to date and to be early users of our app ahead of our beta launch. If you would like to contribute or have a project/startup you are working on and would like to featured, please get in touch!